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Greetings Visitor, and welcome to the MAWL


If you are a guest to our web site and either live out of town or just want to keep up with the local gaming events, you can sign up to our club as a Virtual member. There is no fee for joining as a virtual member, and all of the benefits and information you obtain from our club are totally FREE!

What do you receive as a Virtual Member?

  • Access to our web site (member's only areas require full membership)
  • Access to our online forums (please visit the forums to register)
  • Regular updates via email in our periodic "Battle Lust" eZine
  • Your email address is added to our mailing list, so you get all the important updates from club HQ!

How do you become a Virtual Member?

Simply fill out the Virtual Membership Application form below to submit your info...HQ will confirm your virtual membership via email.


 * First Name:  
 * Last Name:  
 * Email Address:  
 * Phone Number:   (Ex: 901-555-1212)

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