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Interested in joining DELTA 6?

It is very EASY to join...all you have to do is provide your contact information. We'll contact you and let you know how to pay your membership fees. You're just a step away from becoming a member of DELTA 6!

What do you get as a DELTA 6 member?
  1. Fellowship with other local gamers during regular weekly game nights
  2. Unrestricted access to the club web site
  3. Access to the club member's "Black Library"
  4. Full access to the club's online Forums
  5. You'll receive the periodic club update via the club newsletter/eZine
  6. Participation in organized club campaigns including discounted registration
  7. Participation in organized club tournaments including discounted registration
  8. Represent the club in public gaming events such as Games Days, MidSouthCon, etc.
Use the links on the right to select an option and JOIN DELTA 6 TODAY!
How to join DELTA 6...
1. Apply Online using our online membership application
- OR -
Apply in person by filling out the membership form and turning it in to a club Command Staff member or mailing it to the address on the form.

Click the link to the right to submit the online application ===>

2. A Command Staff member will contact you about how to pay your membership fees.


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