This photo gallery is from the Adeptus Memphis 2004 Iron Cross Campaign...

 Price awaits the arrival of Landon's Seeding Swarm
 The Seeding Swarm shows up!
Price wound up winning this game on Victory Points...killing over 2000 points worth of Landon's Sustained Attacking Seeding Swarm.
 Ricardo looks like he is ready for some action     Sean's Tau look like they want to make a treaty with Mark's Ultras
 Ricardo's Necrons must have made the Tau and Ultras mad     Ricky's Eldar VS Ernie's Tau
 An unusually small number of Orks today!     Kevin's Ultramarines prepare to face John's Speed Freeks
    Kevin's Ultramarines are holding strong against John's Speed Freeks
    Skyler's Tau take aim at Andrew's Necrons

Kevin's Ultramarines Versus John's Speed Freeks would determine the outcome of the Iron Cross Campaign. Kevin won the battle with a decisive victory, but it wouldn't be enough to keep John from claiming overall Campaign Champion. John ended up with 334 points and Kevin fell short with 322. The Ultramarines won the battle but lost the war! John took home the coveted Iron Cross Campaign trophy.

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