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Adeptus Memphis originally started out as the Memphis Area Wargamer's League (MAWL) and was founded by Kevin Avent in September 2002.

It all started as a group of gamers that had been playing Warhammer 40,000 at GameMasters on Quince...until GameMasters went out of business and the local gamers had to look for other places to play. Several of the local gamers were playing at Mid-Town Toys, others started going to the newly opened Kevin's Attic. Neither of these two stores were very convenient for the majority of the gamers from North Mississippi (Olive Branch, Southaven, Horn Lake even as far as Senatobia) so the gang searched for a new location to meet and game.

A spark of new life hit the local gamers when a new gaming retailer opened in Olive Branch. Reel World Video began selling and supporting the Games Workshop hobby in September of 2002. For several months the local north Mississippi gamers played at Reel World and that was the genesis of what came to be the Memphis Area Wargamer's League.

By sponsoring a regular weekly game night every Tuesday, Reel World helped to keep the group together. During this brief period, Reel World sponsored a Rogue Trader Tournament and provided tables and terrain to support the local gamers.

As early as October of 2002, Kevin created the MAWL website and began frequent and regular emails and updates to the local gamers. Then in March of 2003, Kevin orchestrated the 2003 "March of Death" campaign. This was a six week campaign and it was very successful.

Soon after the conclusion of the March of Death Campaign, management of Reel World Video started to cut back on their support of the Games Workshop hobby. They still provided a location to play games, but basically stopped all retail activities and began to liquidate their inventory. Soon after, the MAWL started looking for a new home. For several weeks, the MAWL members met at a new location called Dark Vision Games in Southaven, MS but without gaming tables and no game terrain, the club basically began playing RPGs and card based games.

The rebirth! Then the big news came...GW opened a battle bunker in Memphis! Hard to believe but now the largest retail store and hobby center in North America was right here in our city. The Hobby Center and Retail store opened in October 2003 and the battle bunker section, "The World of Battle" opened in December with a Rogue Trader Tournament. The "official" Grand Opening was held in April of 2004. With summer here, it wasn't long before the old gang that had been meeting in Olive Branch started showing up on a regular basis at the World of Battle. In June of 2004, Kevin Avent met with the club coordinator for GW and the wheels were set in motion. With the new momentum came a new name...Adeptus Memphis was born! Our first regular game night was June 24th, 2004...the rest is Adeptus Memphis history!

In the summer of 2008, a new local gaming store opened in Olive Branch, MS and the Adeptus Memphis crew started meeting there in addition to meeting at the Games Workshop World of Battle. Not long after, Games Workshop decided to close down the Memphis World of Battle so the club started meeting at the Gamerz Depot location every week. History often repeats itself and in the Summer of 2010, the Memphis Games Workshop World of Battle reopened. In addition to now having two gaming locations again, the Gamerz Depot moved to a new store location on Hacks Cross Road in Memphis, TN.

2010 was a slow year for the club with the founding member going on a hiatus from gaming due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the online forums were attacked and corrupted and had to be rebuilt. During this period, many of the usual players (although non-members) that frequented the forums dropped out of sight for a while. Then in mid 2010, the forums were rebuilt and communications began to flow again.

2011 saw a new and streamlined Adeptus Memphis. The membership was down but the club basically reorganized and restructured and held a normal year of gaming events that included weekly game nights and gaming at Mid South Con 29. One major change was the closing of the Gamerz Depot. Our game nights shifted back to the Games Workshop World of Battle. It was also a difficult year in the virtual world, the web site and forums were hacked and had to be re-built several times. Finally in December of 2011, the forum was switched over to a new, more secure bulletin board package and stability and order was returned to the universe.

In 2012, the club saw yet another big change with the opening of tabletop gaming at Mid South Hobbies. The club began gaming at the new location as the environment at the Games Workshop World of Battle became unstable with the loss of their store manager. With possible changes to the gaming policy during week nights at the GW World of Battle, Adeptus Memphis basically adopted Mid South Hobbies as our new base of operations.

2013 and the story continues to evolve. In mid-year, talks began about changing the direction for Adeptus Memphis and about forming a "new" club to better fit the current "face" of the club. With so many players moving away from GW products and the focus of the club not solely on 40K, it was decided to re-brand the club as "Delta 6". This new name and new look would separate the club from the 40K universe and allow us to be more game system agnostic. We still have plenty of 40K players, we just wanted to give the name and branding less of a 40K look and feel.

And so Delta 6 was born! November 2013 saw the soft launch of the Delta 6 club at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and we began signing up new members. Along with the new name is a totally new look...be on the lookout for gamers in bright green or purple Delta 6 T-shirts!. We've also formalized the relationship with Mid South Hobbies and Games and the Delta 6 organization will become the default group for running events and tournaments at the Mid South Hobbies and Games location.

The transition is under way but as with any new endeavour it takes time, so in the interim, the Adeptus Memphis web site and forums will continue to serve the club just as it has in the past until the new site is 100% functional.

To see which location we are gaming at each week, be sure to check our online forums and look at the Game Night RSVPs category.

Where we play:

Our club currently meets and games every Thursday from 6pm until closing.

We play at two different locations so check our forums to see where everyone plans to meet this week. (The Game Night RSVPs list where we are going to play.)

Mid South Hobbies and Games is located at 5130 Old Summer Rd | Memphis, TN 38122 | check the calendar page for upcoming events!

- AND -

the Games Workshop "World of Battle" located at 6211 East Holmes Rd...this location is not our typical weeknight spot so be sure to check the forums first.


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